Easily does the most damage of anyone I fight in arena since

Max has actually improved in the last few years.Why would you want a 3rd Nate fight when Tony, Max, Lee, GSP etc are all potential matchups that are all exciting and fresh??I not saying a 3rd fight with Nate would be my number 1 pick, I just being realistic and accepting that Conor is not likely to fight most of those guys you mentioned given where he at now and the likelyhood of him not fighting for too much longer and saying that if a 3rd Diaz fight were to happen I would still be excited for it.By the https://www.moncleroutletssale.com way I don completely agree with you on Nate not improving in a long time. He may not have changed his style too much but I thought when he came back from that 1 year off, after losing to RDA, he looked to be in the shape of his life and he was super sharp and impressive in his win vs Michael Johnson. I just dreamt Conor won.

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